Confidence building

David Singer loves to share about his beginnings in music as part of the Canoga Park High School Band in Southern California. He says that having played for and met presidents, prime ministers, Nobel Prize winners and kings, there is one thing many of them have in common: they also played in their high school music ensembles.

Having retired from Montclair State University as an esteemed Professor Emeritus (2012), he has returned to Southern California where his love of music was born. David Singer is enjoying the opportunity to work with the students of high school band programs in the area inspiring their growth through music. He knows that their experiences during this time will make a lasting impact on their lives and his goal is that their love of music will stay with them forever.

He works with each of his students to enhance their abilities. The better they get, the more fun making music becomes for them. They are able to perform with confidence and they experience the joy of being really good at something they love. This translates throughout their lives, leaving them with the confidence to become kings and queens and a love of music to inspire them for a lifetime.