Having recently retired from Montclair State University as an esteemed Professor Emeritus, he has finally returned to Southern California, where his love of music was born. He is enjoying the opportunity to actively work with young musicians in the area, inspiring their growth through music. He knows that their experiences during this time will make a lasting impact on their lives, and his goal is that their love of music will stay with them forever.

Here are some examples of his work with students:

Private Lessons – David Singer particularly enjoys his one-on-one music lessons because of the impact that is made possible through the careful attention given to the students’ progress.

High School Involvement – He is currently working with high school bands in the Southern California Area, demonstrating to students how to  improve practice techniques and become better players, both by working with them and playing.

University of Southern California Involvement – During the Fall of 2013, David was a facilitator and coach of the USC (University of Southern California) Chamber Orchestra, guiding the students in rehearsals for their opening concert which they performed without a conductor.

Young Musicians Foundation – In July, 2014 David Singer was elected to the Music Advisory Board for Young Musicians Foundation, one of the most important and prestigious organizations in Los Angeles dedicated to helping gifted and motivated young musicians study, perform and thrive. Other musicians on the Board include composer John Williams (Star Wars and Superman) and conductor Michael Tilson Thomas (San Francisco Symphony).

From the fall of 2015 to the present day, Mr Singer has served as the woodwind coach of the Debut Orchestra, the top ensemble of Young Musicians Foundation. Many musicians in this orchestra attend U.S.C., Colburn School and U.C.L.A. Mr Singer conducts rehearsals of the woodwind section, preparing the young musicians for their full orchestral rehearsals with their regular conductor.